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Services & Quality:

We provide a wide range of inspection and test services such as the following:

•  Metal chemical analysis: Chemical analysis of alloys using an ARL 3460 optical emission spectrometer running the latest OXSAS analytical software.

•  Mechanical testing: A wide range of testing can be done including: tensile, impact, proof load and wear testing.

•  Non-destructive testing (NDT): This includes Radiography, Ultrasonic, Liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and, magnetic permeability testing.

Inspection and design verification reports - our CMM can produce automated reports on casting surfaces and compare dimensional deviations to the parts' CAD file. Very valuable for first off evaluation before and after machining.

CMM Capability:

•  Temperature stabilised metrology lab – full range of handheld measuring instruments.

•  Co-ordinate measuring machine: Sheffield Discovery 3 with PC-DMIS Cad control software.

•  CAD software: Solidworks 2012 Premium -including FEA of parts and assemblies.

•  High resolution optical 3D scanner: GOM ATOS 1+, scan error typically < 0.03mm.

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