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Precision Casting

Investment casting (also known as lost wax casting) is a precision casting methodology that can be used over the widest range of metal types including Stainless Steel, Medium Alloy Steels, Plain Carbon Steels, Copper Base alloys such as Brass and Bronze, Aluminum, Tool Steels and Super alloys such as Cobalt and Nickel based alloys.
It is a near net shape methodology which yields many benefits over other metal forming technologies.

ORSK manufactures castings ranging from a few grams (about 0.1 oz) in weight to about 120 kg (265 lb). The cross-sectional limits are typically 2.5 mm (0.1 in) to 75 mm (3.0 in). Typical tolerances are +/- 0.1 mm for the first 25 mm (0.005 in for the first inch) and +/- 0.04 mm for the each additional 10mm (0.002 in for each additional inch).

The advantages of investment casting are:  
•   Excellent surface finish.
•   High dimensional accuracy.
•   Extremely intricate parts are cashable.
•   Almost any metal can be cast.
•   No flash or parting lines.
•  Elimination or reduction of downstream operations such as machining significantly reducing total cost.

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